How to make Paneer Kofta


Ingredients of Paneer Shahi Kofta :-

1. 200 Grams Paneer
2. 250 Grams Spinach
3. 4 Big Tomatoes
4. Small Piece Of Ginger
5. ¼ Teaspoonful Turmeric Powder
6. Salt To Taste
7. 1 Teaspoonful Coriander Powder
8. 1 Teaspoonful Garam Masala
9. 2 Teaspoonful Refined Flour
10. 250 Grams Ghee

1. Mash the paneer with hands and mix refined flour in it.

2. Add salt, green chilly and make them in shape of oval and take a pan with enough ghee to fry the balls in low flame till they turn golden in color.

3. Now boil the spinach and blend it.Take kadai with enough ghee to roast all the spices.

4. When the spices get roasted adds the paste of ginger and tomato and cook it.

5. When tomatoes get cooked then add the paste of spinach and with 1 glass of water.

6. When it gets cooked then put the balls of paneer and cook it for some time and serves  it hot.

      7. Garnishing Put some fresh coriander leaves into paneer kofta.

      Serve hot, tasty, delicious  paneer kofta recipe with Chapatis. 

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