How to make Paneer-E-Khaas

Ingredients Paneer-E-Khaas:-

1/4 Kg Paneer,4 Tomatoes,2 Onion,1/2 Cup Green Peas,1/2 Cup Cauliflower(Cut),Ginger(Little),Garlic(8 Petals),Cashew Nuts(10 Nos),2 Cardamom Sticks,2 Lavang,1 Chakraful,2  Black Pepper, Jeera (1/2 Spoon),Turmeric Powder, Fried Red Chillies(5-6),Mustard Seeds, Curry Leaves(4-5),Oil, Salt, For Garnishing-Cut Coriander Leaves And Grated Cheese.                          

Method Of Preparation Paneer-E-Khaas:-     


For gravy-take about 1cup water in a pan. Keep on gas. Add cut tomatoes and onion to it. Add cardamom stick, chakraful,lavang, jeera, black pepper, cashew, curry leaves(2),red chillies to it. Add little salt. Let it boil for 10 minutes. Now take the paneer. Cut it in any desired shape, fry the paneer on pan, add oil or butter while frying. After it is golden brown ,remove it from gas. Take it in a separate bowl and add some water to it such that it is soaked. Keep for about 5 minutes. Till now the gravy is boiled. turn off the gas. Now add this gravy to a mixer bowl, grind it to make a thick paste. Then take a pan keep it on gas. Add 2-3 big spoons of oil to it. After it is warm, add mustard seeds. Now add 1/4 spoon turmeric powder to it. Then add 2-3 curry leaves. Now add the vegetables(green peas and cut cauliflower),cook it for sometime. After it is cooked, add the grind mixture(gravy) in it. Cook it nicely for sometime till it becomes little thick. Now add the paneer to it. Cook again for sometime. Add little salt as per taste. You can also add little water to gravy if it is too thick. After bubbles start coming, turn off the gas. Garnish with coriander leaves and grated cheese and serve paneer-e-khaas.

Now are you ready for eat delicious Paneer-E-Khaas with your family and friends.   

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