How to make Cashew Paneer at home


Main Ingredients of Cashew Paneer Recipe :-
cashew paneer
  •                          Garlic paste       : 2spoons
  •                          Ginger paste      : 3spoons
  •                          Tomato puri       : 2cups
  •                          Onion pieces      : 2cups
  •                         Green chillies       : 4
  •                          Cashew paste      : Half cup
  •                          Paneer                :  In Pieces
  •                          Garam Masala    :    1spoon
  •                          Coriander powder:  1spoon
  •                          Jeera powder      :   1spoon
  •                          Red chilli powder:   1spoon
  •                          Coriander leafs   :    3spoons
  •                          Oil                     :    2spoons
  •                          Salt                    :    Required

Procedure Cashew Paneer Recipe :-

1. Take a pan,put 2spoons of oil in it,after heating it put 2spoons of garlic paste,3spoons of ginger paste and fry  it until it changes into golden red colour.
2. Now put 2cups of onionpieces and 4 green chillies allow them to fry until it turns into red colour.

3. Add tomato puri 2 cups fry it,next add cashew paste half cup ,jeera powder 1spoon,coriander powder 1spoon, red chilli powder 1spoon at last add garam masala powder 1spoon.

4. Add paneer pieces and required salt to it.  Finally add coriander leafs 3spoons and Garnish the Recipe.
Note :- Cashew Paneer Recipe is ready to serve with your family.

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